Our History

CrossFit Lawrence was founded in the summer of 2010 in the backyard of brothers Thomas and Kyle Thatcher. For two summers we built a community of loyal CrossFitters, who trudged through grass and mud, the heat and rain, all for the sake of fitness, camaraderie, and competition. In September of 2011, we moved into our first warehouse facility at 701 E. 22nd Street. After 17 months of hard work in a small garage, we were able to revolutionize the CFL community by moving into an even bigger and badder 6,000 square foot building located at 815 E. 12th Street.

Our gym is constantly evolving as we dive deeper into our own passions. Both Thatcher brothers got their start in fitness through martial arts which is why we have expanded our gym to include MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai classes for competitors and novice alike. We find that CrossFit and Martial Arts only compliment each other by challenging you to the fullest. Know oneself and seek self improvement is a motto that drives this facility.


CrossFit Lawrence is not your typical CrossFit Gym. We do so much more. Come learn how to be better than you were yesterday.


Under one roof we offer membership to CrossFit group classes, Lawrence Fight Club, Olympic Lifting classes, and more!