CrossFit |  Our sport

CrossFit is an evidence based strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. It was developed to enhance each individual’s competency at all physical tasks. This is also referred to as General Physical Preparedness.

CrossFit started in Santa Cruz, CA back in 2003 and is now an internationally accredited performance based fitness program with over 1800 affiliates worldwide. We are a private fitness program where clients can workout only under the direction of an Accredited CrossFit Coach.

Each Coach at CrossFit Lawrence is Level 1 Certified and many hold additional certifications in specialties such as Olympic Lifting, Mobility, Endurance, Gymnastics, Power Lifting, and more. Our Coaches are skilled in the CrossFit techniques and philosophies. We aim to provide you with the most informed and safe CrossFit training possible.

What sets us apart from most other gyms is our dedication to not only strength and endurance, but also the mobility of our clients. By incorporating CrossFit Lawrence into your weekly routine, you should expect improvement in your body composition, increased strength, stamina, and endurance. But perhaps more importantly, you should experience an increased range of motion in your joints, as we focus largely on increasing your flexibility through our extensive mobility techniques. Your body will become leaner, and more supple.