Whether you are a grandma just trying to keep up with your grandkids or a professional athlete looking to improve your game, you have come to the right place.

CrossFit prepares you for just about anything. In our CrossFit group classes we work to train a wide variety of bodyweight movement, weightlifting, and general physical preparedness. Best of all, you work with a group of like minded people that encourage and challenge you.

Every class can be scaled to fit your fitness level and needs, however, we do require people new to CrossFit to complete 5 introductory one-on-ones. In these intro one-on-ones, we will cover the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit, auxiliary movements, form, and lingo to get you ready for the group classes. Click here to sign up for your intro one-on-ones.

For more on CrossFit, visit www.crossfit.com

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