Ready for personal training, childcare, and group support under one roof?


Our mission is to create a troop of strong moms by providing mother led P.E. classes and community childcare.


How MOM BOD works:

Bring your infant/toddler to class. While half of the moms mingle, stretch, and monitor the group of kiddos, the now solo moms participate in an instructor led workout. That’s right, 30 min of (hopefully) uninterrupted time for you! After that 30 min, your group will take on child care responsibilities and allow the other group to get their workout on.


Goals of MOM BOD:

1: Restore your “MOM BOD” to mint condition. Yes, we all want our old bodies back. More importantly we will be focusing on posture and recovering from the aftermath of birth.

2. Improve Your Resilience. As moms we have to do it all: chase babes, clean the house, shop, cook, etc, etc. One goal of mom bod is to help you get through your daily life tasks faster and with less fatigue.

3.Maintain Your Sanity: We all know how it feels when we lose time for ourselves. Give yourself a half hour to work through any frustration, anxiety, depression, or any other stressors by taking it out on the gym. Exercise is the best medicine.

4. Gain Confidence In All Areas Of Your Life. While the primary focus here is gaining confidence in any gym setting or, the mental and physical strength gained will transfer in to other areas of your life.

Read up on your coach here:

Registration for MOM BOD is on! Click here to sign up! Select from our full course (17 sessions) or half course (9 sessions).

**This class is perfect for beginners! This “semester” we will be focusing on form and skill development of 4 movements: the squat, dead-lift, pressing, and pulling. **



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