“My mission is to lower the Veteran Suicide Rate by teaching Veterans simple tools and techniques I have used to lower my Physical and Mental stress.” —Thomas Thatcher

Contact Thomas for mobility one-on-ones or register for our *NEW* M.E.S.S. Project Mobility Tutor Level 1 course. Details below video!

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Become a M.E.S.S. Project Mobility Tutor 

What is the MPMT Level 1?
The M.E.S.S. Project Mobility Tutor Level 1 is a 30 hour (15 week) course that leads students page by page through the theories, practices, and techniques of Kelly Starrett’s Becoming A Supple Leopard text book.Students who compete all 30 sessions and their Mobility WOD Level 1 Course will earn the title of M.E.S.S. Project Level 1 Mobility Tutor.

Is the MPMT course for me?
The MPMT Level 1 is for anyone wanting to resolve chronic or acute pain without resorting to drugs or surgery. It is for anyone wanting to prevent injury. It is for anyone wanting to perform better athletically. It is for anyone wanting to live pain free. 

Besides living pain free, are there any other perks to taking the MPMT Level 1?
Yes! All people enrolled will receive a copy of Kelly Starrett’s Becoming a Supple Leopard textbook and a roll of M.E.S.S. Tape. You will also receive FREE membership during the 15 week course. Upon completion of the course you will receive 30% off monthly or year long memberships at Thatchers’ Training Center and 30% off of Myoskeletal Alignment by Thomas. 

WOW! So how much is the course?
The cost of the course is $750. Lifetime members will receive HALF OFF the MPMT course. Veterans receive 25% off and we offer a 10% student discount. We offer payment plans in house only. Check out our landing page for early bird specials!

Who is teaching the course?
Thomas Thatcher will be teaching the course. Thomas is the owner of Thatchers’ Training Center, a veteran, a certified mobility coach, and a certified Myoskeletal Therapist. He has spent countless hours using techniques taught by Kelly Starret, Erik Dalton, and many other body workers to resolve chronic pain, depression, and anxiety in himself and others. He’s is the founder of the M.E.S.S. Project.

When is the course?
Course dates vary. See registration for course dates.

I want to sign up! What do I do next?
Register online or in person. Need help? Please give us a ring!

Have more questions? 
Talk to the man himself.


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