Certs: 2014 200 RYT Yoga certification with Yoga Alliance at OmTree Shala

 Education: KU Alum, Bachelor’s Degree in Art History

 Athletic background: 2.5 years at CrossFit, 8 years with yoga, 2 years with Pilates, ran Cross Country/mid distance for 6 years, AAU Track / Cross Country for 2 seasons, 12 years resistance training/weight lifting

Coaching background: 1+ year yoga instructor training

Accomplishments: At age 15, finished 7th overall in Trinity Hospital Hill Run. Awarded Leadership Grant.

How did you get into CrossFit? I was introduced to CrossFit/ CrossFit Lawrence by Lisa (Blomquist) Morel. After my first session, I haven’t looked back 🙂  

More about Melinda:

“After dealing with a running injury, at 18 I was introduced to the world of holistic healing through acupuncture. Then began my journey with yoga in 2002. Around 2008, I found deep inspiration for yoga here in Lawrence and committed myself to the practice. I firmly believe in yoga’s profound lesson of cultivating strength and openness on and off the mat. Similarly, with CrossFit, I find balance and agility that easily translates to life outside the box. Combining the two, in my opinion, has made me a better human.”


yogi queen
yogi queen

Contact Melinda for one-on-ones:

Email mjean2010@gmail.com

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