Occupation: Just took the bar exam…Lawyer
Start at CrossFit Lawrence (CFL): Jan 2013

tanks n guns with Zen
tanks n guns with Zen


CFL: How did you get started at CFL?

Zen:I came into the old gym (old location) looking for a place to film  my American Ninja Warrior adutions. I did an intro wod randomly, but had never done or heard of CrossFit. I was mosly focused on my ninja warrior training and grip strength stuff. I have really been working on that until recently.

CFL:You did a CrossFit Competition last September. What was up with that?

Zen: I wanted to see what competitive CrossFit was like. I didn’t preregister, I just showed up. I asked if they still had openings and they said ony in the Rx division.
CFL:That’s intense! Brave.
Zen:Yeah we had to do double unders, and I had never done them before. It was tough!

CFL:People spend years tyring to knock out double unders Zen….Im sure they love you.

CFL:So aside from the ninja warrior training, what is your athletic background?

Zen:I had done a lot of power lifting in the past and did my first bodybuilding competitinon October of 2013. I won my division at 181. I did some baseball in high school.

CFL:So you are pretty ripped….

CFL: Any obstacles you have over come?

Zen: Getting though law school. The gym is an awesome stress release and allows me to take my mind off school.

CFL:What are your longterm goals?

Rockclimbing has been my focus as of late. I am barely scratiching the surface on grip strength. I like taking on new challenges; I have powerlifted, bodybuilt, done triathelons, the ninja warrior thing. I just think its fun setting new goals to train for; gives me a greater focus.

CFL: Thats super cool Zen; specializing in not specializing:)

CFL:How do you stay on point?

Zen: I don’t feel well if I am not suore our working out. Sitting stationary hurts my body. I took six weeks off to focus my energy on the bar exam because I couldn’t afford to be too tired from a workout. I felt sick, lost my appetitie, lost my engery, became addicted to caffie, lost my daily rythym. I was tired all the time. I took walks to get my blood flowig, but that was it for activity. Sitting made me sore!

CFL: Nasty. Welcome back.

CFL: Any other fun facts about you?

Zen: I have lived all over, went to school at BYU, lived in Colorado, NYC, So Cal. I am a 2 x ninja warrior, ran an electronics security system biz for 5 years before deciding to go to Law school.

CFL: What is your favorite lift?

Zen:I love leg day. Deadlift, squats. I used to hate them but changed my focus. I like having my backside sore.

CFL: Gotta train those legs, bro.

Zen: WODs are interesting, they really train your heart. I had never worked my heart like that before.

CFL: The joys of CrossFit!

CFL: If you could workout with one person, who would it be and why?

Zen: Arnold in his Pumping Iron days. I wanna hear that accent and get some forced reps from Arnold.

CFL: Hell yes! Excellent answer!


Thanks Zen, you are pretty epic! Keep raging at life:)


climbing the peg board, no problem
climbing the peg board, no problem

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