Name: Tiffany Brown

Occupation: Deputy Director State Aviation Office (Aviation Engineer extraordinaire)

Start At CFL: Feb 2013


CFL: What got you in to CrossFit:

Tiff: An ex-boyfriend of mine actually started CrossFitting. He looked pretty good so I thought I would try it.

I like that you guys are big in to body awareness and being an all around athlete. After my gymnastics career was over I missed working out and felt like I was suck on a treadmill, working out for nothing.


CFL: You mentioned you were a gymnast, so that leads us into the next question of what is your athletic background?

Tiff: I was a gymnast for 10 years and did cheer in college at Hutch.

CFL: That’s cheating Tiff… 🙂 I’ve been working on my handstands for like a year and a half…


CFL: What level of an athlete were you coming back into the working out world?

Tiff: With 10 being my peak, probably a four. I had stopped working out for quite a while. I would say now I am a seven. A ten is hard to attain –with a job and all, I can’t put in the time I did with gymnastics.


CFL: Any obstacles you have overcome since being here?

Tiff: Getting my pullups back was a huge one. I am in completely different shape than I was while being a gymast and was 15lbs lighter back then.

CFL: Does that 15lbs freak you out?

Tiff: I have had a big mindset change when it comes to body weight. I eat really well and don’t weigh myself. My clothes fit better than they did before.

CFL: We always try to get people (esp ladies) to take measurements and pics because the number on the scale can be deceiving. You could gain 15lbs and lose 2 pant sizes and people are still focused on the scale. Do you feel better/ look better…Yes… then stop obsessing over a number on a machine..I am happy you talked on that!


CFL: What is your favorite lift/ workout and why.

Tiff: I like bodyweight workouts and having a time pressure is good for me.

CFL:What was your first CrossFit workout like?

Tiff: I did the Intro Wod. I thought the medball run was aweful and was sore for days… but was hooked.

CFL: Ah, the classic Intro WOD.


CFL: Any long-term goals you are striving for?

Tiff: Consistent double-unders and more pull-ups!!! I have seen big improvements in my technique and can feel a big difference in my lifts and gymnastics. My handstand walks are better and I feel stronger in them.

CFL: That is awesome!


CFL: How do you stay motivated to keep coming to the gym?

Tiff: SOCIAL! This is a big part of my social network, I can only come in 3x per week and get excited to see people. I like working out with a group and mingling.

CFL: Yeah we like the community aspect as well. It keeps things interesting.


CFL:Any fun facts about you??

Tiff: I am a big fan of shark week and obviously airplanes.

CFL: Sharks on a plane!!

(We are funny)


CFL: If you could workout with anyone who would it be and why?

Tiff: Steve Iriwin… great accent.

CFL: So a workout with you, Steve, and the sharks… on a plane…

Tiff: hmmmm



CFL: Well Tiff–thanks for being super cool. Keep rocking the epic handstands. 

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