Name: Joe D.
Occupation: Paramedic, vine manager @ Blue Jacket Vineyards, and super dad of two daughters
Time as CrossFitter: just under a year

CFL:How did you get started with CrossFit?
J: I was riding bikes with my daughter to school and saw the sidewalk chalk advertisements. I was curious, thought I was in okay shape, but wanted to lose a few pounds. Turns out, I wasnt in as good of shape as I thought after completing my first CrossFit Lawrence class.
CFL: Yeah, that happens a lot. You gotta get in CrossFit shape!

CFL: What is your athletic background?
J: I have always been athletic, I cycled a lot in high school, played basketball/football. I was pretty small; I was 5’2 my sophomore year then shot up to 6’4 my junior year. I was 6″4, 120lbs going in to the Navy.
CFL: OH. MY. G. String bean!
J: I put on about a hundred pounds since then.
CFL: Very much needed. I love it.

CFL: Any obstacles that you have overcome since being here.
J: I am learning to do things that I had no previous idea about. Deadlifts for one. I had no clue. I also thought I would never do a handstand.
CFL: and now look at you, practicing hand stands all over the place.

CFL: What are your long-term goals?
J: My initial goal was/ is to lift my body weight in any/ all ways. I want to stay in my handstand for a minute. I want to deadlift 400 pounds and run under a 7 minute mile.
CFL: Very nice. You have had some great strength gains since being here.
J: Yep. A couple of weeks ago I deadlifted #315 for a single and this week did #335 for a double.
CFL: Holy smokes:) Great gains.

CFL: What keeps you on point?
J: I am sure everyone says it, but its the community for me. If I don’t feel like coming I think about the morning crew I workout with. We all come in tired, but we smile and trash talk each other. I also like to pretend I am cheating;that no-one knows I am here working out and getting strong. I walk down the street now wondering how much random people can deadlift.
CFL: Ah yes, the lifting obsession begins. At any moment you are ready to have a lift off.

CFL: Any fun facts about you?
J: I met my wife in NYC but we are both Cali natives. She is a super hot yogi.
CFL: Very sweet, and yes, she is super hot:)

CFL: What is your favorite lift/ workout?
J: I like the unique WODs, like the Halloween or themed WODs. A big list of random things to get through. I like the 21-15-9 WODs. Deadlifting is fun and I have always liked running. I ran a lot in Oakland. Gives me a chance to breathe and not think.

CFL: If you could workout with anyone who would it be?
J: I am a big fan of Dean Karnazes. He is an ultra marathoner that did 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states.
CFL: Intense!
J: Very impressive. I wanna lift with the 5:30 am crew. They are great motivation.
CFL: Yes, they are. A fun group.

CFL: Thank you so much Joe! We love having you here; seeing you get strong and all:)


Joe (far right) with fellow CrossFitters and Veterans after finishing 42 mile ruck
Joe (far right) with fellow CrossFitters and Veterans after finishing 42 mile ruck

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