Name: Cully West 

Occupation: Grad Student @KU –Decision Science (dream job Jonah Hill in Moneyball) 

CrossFit Lawrence Member since December 2013

Cully mobs out.
Cully mobs out.























Let’s learn about Cully!

CFL: What got you started in CrossFit?    

CW:I had been trying to get in shape for quite some time and had always aspired to do CrossFit, but thought I needed to get in shape for CrossFit. I finally came in to an Open House, signed up for Elements, and the rest is history. I was excited that I didn’t puke after my first workout:)


CFL:What is one obstacle you have overcome since starting CrossFit?

CW:I can do a pull-up now! I have also quit smoking for almost a year now.


CFL: What is your favorite lift or workout and why?

CW:I enjoy dead-lifting; its pretty fun. I want to work on the snatch though, that’s the one lift that is constantly on my mind.


CFL:What level of athlete were you coming in? We decided not to compare to Rich Froning (we put him at a 20). On a scale of 1-10…Cully at his worst was a 1.

CW:Maybe a 1-2 now 5 or 6.


CFL:Name any long term fitness goals:

CW:I want muscle ups!

CFL: Dont we all!

CW:I would like to continue improving my squat (hit 300) and deadlift (hit 400)


CFL:How do you stay on point/ keep motivated to keep coming in?

CW:This is actually something that I look forward to doing. The elements class and smaller group setting are nice as everyone is doing the same thing and I don’t have to think about what to work on. Going in to a gym where there is just a bunch of people is scary. I used the hit the gym for 1-2 weeks then fall off, but really enjoy the people and coaches.

CFL: Any fun facts about you?

CW: [blank stare, smiles]

CFL: Cuuuullllyyy….

CW: I’m pretty boring:)

CFL: Well I disagree. You are raging. And are one of the few men to show off the man thigh upon request of Coach Vans. That is epic.

CFL:If you could workout with anyone, who would it be and why?


CFL (Savannah Speaking): I would throw down with my old college trainer, Andrea Hudy, except I would just make her do burpees and laugh menacingly.

CW: I’ll pick Hudy. She is intense and widely known great coach.


CFL: Thanks Cully… Keep up the hard work. You are awesome!

Cully 4th in from left, rockin short shorts
Cully 4th in from left, rockin short shorts






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